Photography Link Roundup

Photo by Sacha Goldberger

• A grandson decides to cheer up his 91-year-old depressed Hungarian grandmother by dressing her in a superhero costume and photographing her in outlandish settings. Her depression lifts, she has a MySpace page, all is well! [My Modern Met via Boing Boing]

• “Cuba in Revolution” documents the island nation’s epic rebellion through 30 photojournalists’ photos from the 50s and 60s. Now through Jan. 9 at the International Center of Photography. [New York Times]

• A retrospective of California governor-elect Jerry Brown’s style. Or, the loss of hair over four decades. [LA Times]

• The 65th College Photographer of the Year went to Ohio University’s Rachel Mummey. See her work here. [NPAA]

• This is just disturbing: An NYU photography professor is getting a camera surgically implanted in his head as part of art exhibit. The images, taken at one-minute intervals, will be transmitted to a museum in Qatar. [Wall Street Journal]

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