“Officer Bubbles” Will Sue You

Remember in the old days when cops would raid your parents’ home and charge you with illegal wiretapping after you uploaded a video to YouTube, showing one of America’s ‘finest” violating the law, wielding a gun, killing someone, or just acting like a power-tripping thug who should not be wearing a badge?

Well, that’s like soooooo two months ago.

Because if you upload a video of a cop acting like a jackass there is now the possibility that you could be sued by the officer. And if you leave disparaging comments and make your own parody videos ridiculing the cop for his egregious behavior, YOU WILL BE SUED for defamation in a frivolous lawsuit.

In his statement of claim, Josephs calls the cartoons and several comments “devastatingly defamatory,” alleging they have brought him “ridicule, scandal and contempt both personally and as a member of the (Toronto Police Service).”

Boo hoo.

Source: The Star

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