Michigan Govt Official Wages War on College Student

For your daily mind-blowing, look no further than Andrew Shirvell, the assistant attorney general of Michigan. In the past six months, Shirvell has waged a one-man campaign against Chris Armstrong, the University of Michigan student assembly president who he says is promoting a radical gay agenda. On his blog, “Chris Armstrong Watch,” Shirvell slams Armstrong as a “viciously militant homosexual activist,” but that’s only the beginning — he also protests outside Armstrong’s house, doodles cute little Nazi swastikas on photos of Armstrong, and stalks his Facebook account. It’s not just an opposition of viewpoints, it’s a creepy obsession bordering on mental illness.

And yet, Andrew Shirvell still has a job! Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox told CNN he thought Shirvell’s blog was “immature” and “offensive,” but that it was “off-duty free speech.”

Let’s consider this: New Jersey Transit worker Derek Fenton was fired for burning a Koran at a protest at the mosque near Ground Zero. A CNN Middle East editor was fired for tweeting that she respected a controversial Lebanese cleric. A recruiter for Nintendo was fired for criticizing her boss and coworkers on her blog.

Agree with those situations or not, but the bottom line is that it was determined those employees violated company policy with their off duty activities. So then let me ask: How does a man who is responsible for representing the state and prosecuting important cases go on national TV to spew hate and discrimination (and not even articulately, I might add), who seems unhinged and volatile — how is that man not just an embarassment, but a liability to the state?

If you’d like to pose that question to Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, write him here: miag@michigan.gov.

Article from CNN

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