Hoarding, But With Photos

A lot of people can probably relate to a grandmother who collects things. But Ashley Maynor’s grandmother, Angela Singer, was an especially dedicated collector of photographs, taking a dozen photos every day for 40 years and amassing a collection in the hundreds of thousands.

It was only when Maynor took on the preservation of her Singer’s 79 reels of 8mm and Super-8 film that she realized there was a story there. What may have seemed like a sweet Southern homemaker living in rural Tennessee to most was, on the inside, a more complex story. And the result is “For Memories’ Sake,” a documentary that looks at Singer’s life and longstanding creative outlet.

Not everyone could appreciate Singer’s hobby, though. In an interview with Knoxville.com, Maynor says, “Some of her children have issues with having been documented so much and feeling as though she’s sometimes spending too much time behind the camera instead of in life, in the real situation.”

In a sign of the times, Angela Singer has switched to digital, which has only helped to increase her output.

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