Photography Link Roundup

Photo by JH

• Traditional media — and photojournalism opportunities — might be shrinking, but The Raw File aims to be the place for long-term multimedia documentary projects. [The Raw File]

• Luke Sharrett, an intern for the New York Times’ Washington bureau, has to leave his post photographing the president and other high flyers to finish his degree. Despite getting over 400 photos in the paper, the New York Times apparently is pretty stringent about hiring photographers who have a degree. [Lens]

• Doug Rickard curates a huge archive of photography, interviews and essays, from the past to present, at American Suburb X. Think Bill Owens from the 70s, Garry Winogrand from the 80s, Richard Avedon from the 90s. The list goes on. [American Suburb X]

• Photographer Michelle Black is fascinated by the Amish, but there are inherent problems in photographing them, so she came up with “Three Tips for Noninvasive Photography.” [Black Star Rising]

• No one else wants to see your cat and hamster pics, but Gizmodo actually does, so submit your best photo to their Pet Photography Shooting Challenge. The photos need to be taken the week of the contest, and the deadline is this Sunday, August 22nd. [Gizmodo]

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