Oakland Schools District Pays Photog

Do you remember Oakland Schools Police Chief Art Michel who went ballistic on Oakland Tribune news photographer Jane Tyska in 2008? How could you forget.

The Oakland Unified School District just settled a lawsuit and paid Tyksa $99,000 for her troubles. Yep, your tax dollars at work, Oakland. Aren’t you glad when your city officials mess up you pay for it?

From Tyksa’s statement:

“I’m very happy that the OUSD has taken responsibility for the actions of its former police chief. If it wasn’t for the video I shot, this abuse of power would never have come to light. It’s now illegal in a dozen states to record police activity, and this case is an excellent example of why that right needs to be protected. One of the reasons people often fear cameras is because they tell the truth.”
(Meanwhile Michel retired in 2009 and no doubt takes in a sweet, sweet pension. No consequences, no repercussions, no problem.)

Article from Crime Scene/SFGate.com

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