Why Do Cops Hate Cameras?

Photo by JH

Photographer Jerome Vorus’s exchange with the DC police a few weeks back is getting some play in the DC media, and now Washington Post writer Annys Shin is looking into the topic of police and photography. In a “Story Lab” post she asks, “Why do police hate getting their picture taken?” It’s a good question. If you’re BART cop Johannes Mehserle, it might be because you don’t want any evidence if you just happen to break the law. (Although video didn’t help that New York City bicyclist who got pummeled by the rookie cop in Times Square.)

The DCPD have no excuse though. They’re just misinformed. And misinformation + arrogance = abuse of power.

Shin (shina AT washpost.com) wants to hear from you if you’ve been harassed or detained while taking photos of police, government buildings and the like in the DC metro area.

2 Responses to “Why Do Cops Hate Cameras?”

  1. 1 Sarah August 4, 2010 at 5:41 pm


    “Here’s a bit of serendipity. I created an illustration to show why tennis players try to control the tempo of play. Lo and behold! that illustration has other uses! For example, why did John McEnroe interrupt what by the rules is supposed to be “continuous play” for long periods, so that a match didn’t continue until he personally allowed it to?”

    “It’s all psychological control tactics. What are control tactics for?”

    “Their purpose is to suggest superiority. It’s just a superiority act. The same as with your narcissist.

    The purpose of control tactics is to create the illusion of superiority. Superiority is suggested by control, which is suggested by control tactics. This is a mental trick. You must allow the presumption for it to work. But our natural desire to avoid conflict tempts us to do just that, and controllers rely on it.

    So, they PRESUME the right to control things they have no right to control (like your feelings and thoughts), and if you don’t confront the imposition, asking them who they think they are, you are playing the role of an inferior with respect to them.

    So there — it’s not such a mystery after all.

    Note that they thus steer a collision course toward conflict, while normal people try to avoid it. Narcissists don’t mind conflict. They use it. It’s a tool that serves them well, because we hate it and try to avoid it. So, they cross you with the threat of it at every turn. What do you think? What do you feel? What will you wear today? Whatever — the narcissist goes into Imperious Mode and acts like God mad at you for breaking one of his 10 commandments.

    To avoid their wrath, you just let them have their way. Then brat is instantly all smiles.

    Which is why they like conflict. They confront you with it (or the threat of it) constantly to control you.

    In fact, what HUMAN being is supposed to have such rights with respect to us? The right to judge us. The right to determine what we may think and feel?

    None, right? Those are (ownership) rights reserved for a god.

    And that is why scripture calls letting others do this “idolatry.””


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