Photographer Captures DC’s Finest

Photograph by Jerome Vorus

Photographer Jerome Vorus had a little trouble with TSA authorities at Regan National Airport last month, and this past weekend he ran afoul of the Washington, DC police too.

It happened when he came across a routine traffic stop in Georgetown and took a few photos. One of the DC police officers on the scene told him he was being detained and needed to provide identification. Then no less than four officers told him it was illegal to take photos of people without their permission and one has to get approval from the department’s public information officer to take photos of police.

It seems weird that people who are being paid to uphold the law don’t even know it…oh. Wait. It’s DC. One of the most notoriously corrupt, ineffectual governments in the country. Where incompetence isn’t just tolerated, it’s encouraged.

Now it makes sense!

Read the whole encounter on Vorus’ blog here.

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