Photographer Kicked Out of Blackhawks Party

The Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup made a stop at the Village Hall in the team president’s home of Elk Grove, Il., on Saturday, but, as it turns out, the party wasn’t for everyone to enjoy — just a select few, like the area mayors and town officials. Even though the Blackhawks invited the local newspaper the Daily Herald to document the event, photographer Bob Chwedyk was abruptly asked to leave by a police officer. He was told it was a private party.

Despite Illinois politics usually being a paragon of ethics and integrity, something smells fishy in Elk Grove. I mean, we all know how the Stanley Cup needs its privacy, but then maybe you shouldn’t throw the event in a public space funded by taxpayer dollars. Might it have something to do with Elk Grove Mayor Craig Johnson’s son being cited for a hit and run the day before? Who knows? But it’s really tacky.

Article from Daily Herald (where you can see video too)

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