Photojournalists & the Common Denominators

Photo by discarted

From Alex Garcia, writer of the Chicago Tribune’s photojournalist blog, comes a post on the “10 Key Traits of Winning Photojournalists.” Garcia has been in the field for 20 years and witnessed enough careers go boom or bust to compile a pretty interesting list.

There are a lot of talented photojournalists, and not all get recognized for their work. You may ask yourself: “So how can I become tops in my profession?”; “Do I have what it takes?”; “Is there something I could be doing?”; “Born or made?”

Do you have all, any…?

1. A lone wolf orientation
2. Single, or have a flexible family life
3. An immovable faith in the power of an image
4. Fearless
5. Fast and decisive
6. Ability to self-edit
7. Competitive, very
8. Clever
9. Relentless
10. Anointed

Article from Assignment Chicago

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