Hipster Time Travels to 1940 Photo

See the man in sunglasses and logo shirt in the bottom right of the above photo? It appears along with hundreds of others in Ontario’s Bralorne-Pioneer Museum’s online exhibit, and a few scrupulous internet observers felt he was too modern for the 1940-era photo. So they claimed he must be a time traveler, a real-world Marty McFly. 

Over at Forgetomori, they debunk the claims, finding the photo to be unaltered and historical evidence of the man’s glasses and sweater. But even if it was a doctored photo, that really isn’t conclusive proof that this guy’s a time traveler anyway.

To me, he looks like he certainly could be from 1940. I think in retrospect we tend to asign an entire era a specific look, like the men in suits and fedoras. This guy just had a more alternative style, though that doesn’t mean he’s from modern day. Now if he had a DeLorean…. 

Article from Forgetomori (via Boing Boing)

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