Nine Meters in English is…?


For anyone who remembers how ridiculous CNN firebrand Rick Sanchez acted a few months back in the aftermath of Shawn’s harassment by the LA Sheriffs, this Daily Show segment is too funny. Sanchez is hyped up, caustic and really, really ignorant.

Just another day at the office.

Watch it here at The Daily Show.

3 Responses to “Nine Meters in English is…?”

  1. 1 Dave March 4, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    I was watching this live on CNN when the expert came on to help explain the tsunami. I couldn’t believe it when Sanchez asked him to explain metres in English. Ok, so maybe not everyone knows how to convert metres to feet – one metre is roughly three feet (I am not doing an exact conversion here lest anyone corrects me, just a rough one) – but the way Sanchez asked it, I felt like leaping through the TV and punching him in the face. His arrogance and anger over the way the expert was explaining things was out of line and uncalled for. You can in an expert who isn’t as media savvy and you get really technical explanations. CNN could have prepped this guy before he went on air.
    Or put him on air with a person who is less of a douchebag than Rick Sanchez.
    Sanchez’s arrogance and condescending attitude don’t deserve a spot on the air.

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