Funny Story


Photo by rose_peacock

You have to appreciate the irony of a woman being blocked in by a police cruiser and then being told by the police officer to produce ID after photographing an American flag (which was clearly visible from a public sidewalk), but located in front of a federal building—aka the ubiquitous terrorist target. Seriously, do police academies not teach constitutional law?

ok. funny story. i stopped to take this pic on Reston Parkway on my way home from a client’s office. It took maybe a minute to get a few shots…as i walked back to my car a Fairfax County police officer pulls into the parking lot and blocks my car in. He asked why i was taking pics of that building and took my ID and ran it thru the system. He said there was no legal action being taken but he had to write up a report that i was seen taking photos of a federal building…Better to be safe than sorry, i guess
And the shot is not nearly as good as i thought it was going to be…

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