NYC Cop Harasses Photog, Claims “Frozen Zone”

Apparently the sidewalks around the UN headquarters in New York are a “frozen zone.” This is yet another fine example of police officers overreaching to justify trying to prohibit a legal activity. And their tool of choice? The “Patriot Act” of course. Hey, didn’t that became irrelevant along with its enabler anyway?

Perhaps this cop should go back to the academy to brush up on some laws. Federally owned sidewalk? Credentials? Signs? No asking questions? Yikes.

3 Responses to “NYC Cop Harasses Photog, Claims “Frozen Zone””

  1. 1 John Howard December 21, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    People, when they come on to you like that don’t get into a debate. Tell them to get on with it and arrest you or send you on your way. Then shut the hell up. Asking dozens of ‘why can’t I do this’ style questions is pointless.

    You are not guilty, you do not need to try to ask a bunch of question in hope’s you’ll get them to change their mind. That didn’t work with Mom when you wanted candy snacks right before dinner, it won’t work now.

    If they arrest you, then sue their asses for false arrest, because it IS a false arrest. Otherwise they continue their illegal behavior.

    It is their power trip. Use that to your advantage and let them trip up themselves. Eventually, they will learn they are the ones breaking the law.

    Being submissive and groveling until they let you go only makes their ego swell and they become even more arrogant about it.

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