Train Operators Sue to Block Surveillance

Photo by rjmcconnell

For your daily dose of outrage consider that the LA Times reports that the Metrolink engineers’ union has filed a federal lawsuit to remove surveillance cameras in commuter trains because it’s a violation of their privacy. The cameras were installed in direct response to the Metrolink crash in Chatsworth, CA, last year that left 25 people dead and 135 people injured. The driver of that crash was reportedly texting on the job.

Maybe these train operators aren’t living in the 21st century because a great majority of companies have surveillance cameras and film their employees’ every move – not  to mention all the cameras blanketing stores, streets and parking lots. But it seems they’re thinking that when you drive public transit and have thousands of peoples’ lives in your hands you are owed some special sort of privacy?

It’s beyond frustrating that people who don’t have a  valid case, or in some cases are blatantly in the wrong (as in YouTube complainers), get to use the old privacy violation when it suits them. If there’s any justice, this lawsuit won’t get far. 

Article via LA Times

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