The Diatribes of Dunces

Due to their content, and more importantly, their unforgettable cast of laugh-out-loud characters, it’s amazing that these two videos went under the photographers’ rights radar.

My favorite character, reminiscent of a powerless, rage-induced, temper-tantrum throwing 4-year-old screaming over and over because he’s not getting what he wants, is definitely Arnoldo #08458.

Rather than making a fool out of himself, maybe he should have just used his walkie to check with his supervisor regarding the validity of the videographers’ claims (which in the end were true).

It’s evident by Chad Michael Buchanan’s video that these guys don’t like power trips, are well trained, deserve to keep their jobs, and don’t have anger management issues (at all).

Regarding the second video, my favorite line from this gem is definitely, “Ah, ah, ah, ah.”  That woman, and her boy’s regular with bangs, are priceless.

In all seriousness though, if the videographers were trespassing on private property and breaking the law, just call the real cops, press charges, and let the police deal with the problem.

Turning yourself into a belligerent moron is not the right way to prevent someone from videotaping or photographing a newsworthy event, or anything for that matter.

Plus, when you act this way, you become the main story and get plastered all over the internet for your friends, family, and neighbors to see you behaving like a “d-wad.”

A special thanks to freelance news photographer Chad Michael Buchanan for personally providing us with these deece gems, and allowing us to tag them with our site’s name.

That way whenever someone watches these videos on a different site not pertaining to photography and the law (we all know these things do get around), they’ll see the URL and hopefully come to our site where they can learn about photographers’ rights.

Unlike other blogs on the web, our site is not about us patting ourselves on the back and repeatedly telling ourselves how great we are, however. If we have to put our URL on a video or photo that was provided to us (granted we have permission of the owner), we will do that in order to get the photographers’ rights message out to more people. But only if we have the owner’s permission.

More of Chad’s work can be seen here.

1 Response to “The Diatribes of Dunces”

  1. 1 Zack March 2, 2009 at 11:54 am

    That first video is crazy. It was nice to hear at the end a supervisor yelling that they were okay. I only hope there is some sort of lawsuit or formal complaint filed.

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