Toronto: Shoot Photos, Not People

Photo by discarted

In an interesting move aimed at reducing gun violence, the city of Toronto has launched a gun amnesty program where people can get cameras in exchange for their firearms. Called “Pixels for Pistols,” legal and illegal gun owners alike not only get a Nikon digital camera from Henry’s photo store but a free photography lesson too.

Farley Flex, a music promoter and judge on “Canadian Idol” supports the program as a necessary action to re-focus thugs and criminals away from violence and to “productive, rewarding behaviour through photography, videography et cetera.”

While this measure seems well-intended, it also seems highly idealistic and, from the tone of the comments, not likely to have much of an impact.

A sampling:

It’s ludicrous to think a heartless thug who won’t hesitate to shoot someone would hand in a gun for photography lessons!


So, you’re saying that law abiding people who own guns for collections or hunting or whatever will jump at a chance to get a “free digital camera” to shoot with instead of a real gun? I like it. Let me know how this fairytale works out.


Legalize all drugs. Problem solved.

Article from CTV Toronto.

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