Photographer Wants His Fair Share

By pointing this out, we will in effect be further annoying one Portland photographer, but here goes anyway. Rick Adams whipped out his camera just as a local cyclist jumped on the hood of a car to avoid being hit during a road rage incident. The story was widely picked up by every media outlet in town, and his footage was aired over and over again. Adams says he willingly gave the footage over to the the police with the intent of helping the cyclist, but he didn’t realize all these outlets would so flagrantly ignore his copyright ownership.

Now he’s annoyed and is willing to go to court to protect his rights. “I’m not looking to get rich off this, but as long as other people are making money off it, I think it’s only fair I should get some,” he said. (He did say he’s been contacted by some national news outlets which have been open to compensating him for the footage.)

Incidentally, there was a pretty horrific road rage incident in Los Angeles recently where two cyclists ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. Is this the latest trend? Stay tuned for the inevitable Primetime and/or Today Show story soon.

Article from The Portland Tribune.

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