Tourists Will Be Free (Sort of) to Take Photos of Pentagon Memorial

Photo via Unknown

Here’s an interesting conundrum. The Pentagon will dedicate its 9/11 memorial in September on the grounds of one of the most secretive government complexes in the country. So then how to deal with the ensuing round-the-clock tourists – all no doubt carrying cameras?


In this article from, Nick Miroff reports that the Pentagon is preparing to somewhat relax its strict policies regarding photography, and that means allowing people to take pictures of the building from within the memorial site (but not outside of it).


The challenge for government officials, Miroff writes, is to create “a visible enforcement presence that discourages threats while not making visitors uncomfortable with an overwhelming police presence.”


It’s not overwhelming as long as they don’t know it, right? There will be “state-of-the-art surveillance equipment” on the site.


And, of course, security can confiscate any cameras as they see fit.


Sounds like a scenario ripe for confrontations, but more power to them if they can make it work.


Article from Washington Post.

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