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The anti-police brutality movement is here.  It’s not going anywhere.  And as long as militarized police officers across the United States continue to brutalize and murder people with impunity, this powerful rising force will continue to grow and become stronger.

For years, I’ve been photographing anti-police brutality marches and rallies, and have witnessed the evolution of this movement.  When I first started taking pictures, you wouldn’t see as many children, housewives, and grandmothers at these events as you do today.  And you especially wouldn’t see these people holding signs that said, “…BLOOD is on your hands”, “I hate the police…”,  or “Police: It’s a Gang”.

Nowadays though, it’s a different story.  People who once supported police, no longer do, and it’s the police officers themselves who are responsible for this expanding backlash.

With the power of the internet and its ability to educate and open eyes, the American people are really starting to see how dangerous police officers are to them and their families.  For instance, six of them can murder your son on camera and get away with it.

The following photos were taken at a “Justice For Kelly  Thomas” rally that took place in Fullerton, CA, on January 18, 2014.




Do not believe what you’ve been reading in the mainstream media about the Fullerton PD protest that happened on Saturday.  I was there, photographing the event and what I witnessed does not line up with what is being written by major news publications.

Big City Cops: Let Them Hate, So Long As They Fear

Big City Cops is a Facebook page where police officers can visit to exercise their First Amendment rights, while voicing their violent frustrations against a society that is quickly losing respect and trust for all police officers.  Their logo is a skull and crossbones and their motto is, Oderint dum metuant.

Which translates to…LET THEM HATE, SO LONG AS THEY FEAR.

How fitting from a bunch of people who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.

You’d think that the good cops (Hello…are you out there?) in this country would be tired of this behavior and would finally speak out and help rip the badges of the chests of bad cops.  Because we all know that it’s not the good cops, but the criminal cops and the silent cops who are creating a massive divide between the public and law enforcement.

In today’s society, a rogue cop is no longer the cop who violently assaults a handcuff individual, but rather the officer who blows the whistle on his fellow officers who are breaking the law and violating our civil rights.  This type of cop does not exist  on Big City Cops.

I suggest you take a look at the page because there’s all kinds of insightful comments from bootlickers and self-labeled heroes.  Here’s a few for your enjoyment:

Chris Colburn Keep up the good work BCC! School these cop hating retards! Yeah, I said it, cop hating RETARDS. If it wasn’t for cops and every other man or woman that suits up in a uniform to protect you and your rights, you wouldn’t have any. All of these asswipes will be the first ones to call a cop when shit don’t go their way. Snitch on this you dumb motherf*ckers! Aint free speech a bitch?!?

Damon Moÿsard Their page is open for anyone to post on it. I think that means they’re welcoming our opinion to be posted on their page. They’re all a bunch of flaming liberals. All about rights you know. They must not want to infringe upon our right to voice our opposing opinion on how some “gentle” meatwhistle with a mental disorder and a felony record for aggravated battery, who attacks a cop deserves to die just like anyone else who attacks a cop, right? And that his deadbeat dad is a fucking pariah trying to make a buck off the death of his retarded son he abandoned on the back of society because the best part of him ran down his moms thigh and became a stain of a flop house mattress?

Chinito Cochino ‎”People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” Thanks to the LEOS that do what needs to be done to keep the world safe for my children.

Damon Moÿsard I have nothing against the DA, they have a job to do. It’s the left wing, bleeding heart, socialist, communist, freedom hating, terrorist loving liberals on your page that are using a dead convicted felon as your flavor of the month, so you can act out and pretend its because of an injustice I have no use for. Deep down even you know none of you care one bit about the individual he’s just the excuse you’re using to protest the establishment. In two years none of you will even remember his name. He’ll just be “that dead homeless guy” you used to stir up hate and discontent within the community; a name on a protest sign. You are all crying out for justice but not allowing the system to even try to work before calling for the cops job, badge and head on a platter. To use your words: Judgement is for the courts, not the protesters. As for respect? None of us will ever get respect from the likes of you and your fellow protesters so fear is the next best thing. No one here cares if you want to shake our hand or say “thank you” when we protect you from something you are incapable of protecting yourself from. We do a job you are not able to do so you can pretend the things we deal with don’t exist. 99.9% of cops resort to violence when it’s the very last resort and then only use enough to protect themselves and the public from whatever danger they are presented with. Of course there is that .01% you hear about in the media but no one wants to read about the cop who was polite and did his job.

Big City Cops …we know the evil of the world first hand, and we risk our lives to protect you from it… If not for the police, evil would wait at your door everyday… or at your coffee shop or at the malll…

Big City Cops … it’s not the way I operate…but dont let there be a doubt in your mind that evils still lives in me… i just got it under total control now that I”m back in your world again…

Sandra Villa We should copy all the names with pics of the dumb fks that signed that petition and post it @ every police station just in case they call one day for help lol

Karma Da-Luscious Yeah, don’t understand….. The military is viewed as heroes for protecting our freedoms and keeping our country safe, but the police force is viewed as anything but heroes and we risk our lives everyday to keep people safe in their own homes!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I thank God everyday for our military and what they do for us. But as officers can we get some gratitude for our efforts on the local streets?

Big City Cops I’ts not “cool” to like the police… after all, they dont let you speed or run stop signs… they dont let you drink and drive, or drink in public… they stop you from stealing and breaking into businesses or homes… oh, and they kiill “innocent” people…

The police are like oxygen…no one really appreciates them until they need them…

Cops give themselves way more credit than they deserve, and I wonder how many of these Big City Cops “heroes” have ever actually saved a life or protected someone from real harm, rather simply responding to calls AFTER the incident has ended.

Reading this crap made me vomit because everybody knows that the biggest talkers, and the people always bragging about all the wonderful things they do in life, are usually the ones full of the most shit.  So I highly doubt that any of the “heroes” on BCC have ever actually done anything to protect someone from harm, or saved a life.

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