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Guy Caught Groping Woman at Hollywood Farmer’s Market

This isn’t photography related, but it’s absolutely something worth posting since it concerns a woman being sexually assaulted.

So I was standing in line at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market waiting to pay for an overpriced papusa in hipster utopia and I noticed this guy grabbing a woman’s ass who was standing in front of me.

At first I thought someone had a good Saturday night and possibly a better Sunday morning. But then the woman screamed once she realized who was actually touching her. When she freaked, I thought she must’ve been stung by a bee and I was preparing to help deliver an EpiPen because I just learned about anaphylactic shock in EMT class. But that was not the case and I quickly understood that this guy just groped this woman. The woman later said that she thought it was her girlfriend.

I said a few strong words to this guy but knew I couldn’t do anything beyond that. So I decided to get his face on camera. That way he can be identified.

People need to be aware of this guy.

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