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The Hypocrisy of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

So apparently it’s not a crime for a Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority to tell a member of the public that they’re going to break their fucking face, but it is a crime for a member of the public to yell at an NFTA cop while on a public street during a anti-war protest. And if you do such a thing, you’ll be chased down by NFTA police, assaulted with pepper spray, and unlawfully arrested for practicing your First Amendment rights.


NFTA spokesman Doug Hartmayer said that neither Brodsky nor Russo would be disciplined. NFTA Director Kimberley Minkel defended Brodsky’s spraying of Buckley as “a use [of force] within our guidelines.” She called Brodsky’s actions in the bus terminal episode “a closed case. … We look at each event independently.”

Nothing but the finest heroes at the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.

A longer version of the video can be viewed here.

Cop Threatens to Break Videographer’s “Fucking Face”

UPDATE:  I received an email today  from the Chief of Police for the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Police, George Gast regarding the above video. Here’s his response:

Recently a posting was placed on YouTube of a Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Police Department (NFTA-PD) police officer engaged with a member of the public who was video taping the officer.  During the course of this interaction the officer made a highly inappropriate statement.   

The officer involved has been disciplined for his actions and lack of respect for the public.  Additionally the officer will be required to complete additional training in professionalism and dealing with the public. 

The actions of this officer were not, and are not condoned, by the Chief of Police, the Command Staff of the Department, or by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.  Please know that we are fully committed to having the best-trained officers in our department so that we can prevent actions like this from ever happening again.   

So is discipline the appropriate response for this officer’s criminal behavior, or should he be charged with assault and making terroristic threats? What do you think?

Once again an out of control cop is caught on video threatening break to somone’s “fucking face” for videotaping him in public space.  This time it was an unidentified cop from the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority in Buffalo, NY.

Watching this video will make your blood boil, but in an effort to help lower your blood pressure, check out these quotes from YouTube:

Or he could follow the law, do his job, not be a belligerent dick, and not reinforce the stereotype that cops are assholes. But hey, you are what you eat. – TheMedicalPiano

Is this guy still on the force? Charges should be pressed for terroristic threats and he should lose his badge. – ancientmariner1984

I reported him to the chief of the NFTA. Go me. – AbsentMaverick

Fat piece of shit, nothing more. Prolly got bullied in high school and now he takes it out on random people on the street. Kick his fat ass out of the police department and let us see how he fends on the street talking to people like that. – Ren1319

Another asshole cop. – trevticks

Recording in public is a constitutionally protected right, this officer used the color of his authority to threaten him with violent force if he continued to exercise his civil rights, That is in itself a federal crime. This officer should not be Reprimanded he should be charged with assault, then charged with using the color of his authority to deny this man his civil rights. He should be in cuffes booked and put on trial. WE all KNOW THAT COPS ARE ABOVE THE LAW SO IT WONT EVER HAPPEN./ – Rick908

take that badge off and lets go right now. – beEasy2011

These fucking thugs are supposed to be the divide between chaos and democracy. They are the chaos… it’s time they learned what happens to traitors of the Constitution!!!!!!! – threepercenter03

Cop should be fired for just saying that. – Swasbuckler64

Criminals with badges. – Artacus

fat tosser he would have a heart attack if he tried to break anyones face… – MrMarkmoto

I hope someone breaks his fuckin face.. fat motherfucker – TheJude87

Would I threaten to break someone’s fucking face if I were being filmed in a public location? No, I wouldn’t. Should a uniformed, apparently on-duty officer threaten a citizen for doing so? No, he shouldn’t. Is being a “dick” illegal? No, it isn’t. Is threatening to attack someone, potentially, a criminal act? Yes, it is. – opmike343

Dear fat police officers, if you attack me for nothing, you will be knocked out. That is all. – buriedvoid

Theres a reason police departments only make people with low IQ’s officers… easier to control – JackHorner69

kiss your job goodbye – jpmorgan187

To voice your concerns regarding this officer’s illegal and threatening behavior contact:

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
181 Ellicott Street
Buffalo, New York 14203

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