Killed for Taking Photos

Taking photos in downtown Hollywood comes with its own nuisances — tourists who don’t know how to walk, punches in the face, BID Patrol. But last night’s fatal stabbing at Hollywood and Highland proves that it’s also possibly very dangerous. As the LA Times reports, Christine Calderon, 23, and her friend took photos with their cellphones of some panhandlers holding what’s described as offensive signs. (Some LAist commenters claim they say “F*** You Very Much.”) When the women refused to give the panhandlers money, they were attacked. Calderon died later at the hospital during surgery. Three men are now in custody.

More information will surely come out, but in the meantime, this is reminder to keep safety in mind when taking photos in public. People are crazy.

UPDATE: LAist has an account from Calderon’s friend who was with her at the time of the attack. He said the sign read “F*** You. Give me a dollar, please.” They took photos (one of which accompanies the post), the panhandlers asked for money, and they told them to “f*** off.” Commenters on that post are actually saying it’s Calderon’s fault for instigating it. (Because yeah, you should always expect to be killed for exchanging words with someone in the street.)

And KPCC has the names of the three suspects booked for the murder: Dustin Kinnear, 27; Jason Wolstone, 33; and Brian Widdows, 34.

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