Wahpeton Police Officer Dustin Hill Unlawfully Arrests Underage Videographer

To voice your concerns regarding Officer Dustin Hill’s behavior and unlawful arrest of Robert Wanek, contact the Wahpeton Police Department:

Police Cheif Scott Thorsteinson
Wahpeton Police Department
413 3rd Ave N # 18
Wahpeton, ND 58075-4427
(701) 642-7722

UPDATE:  The voicemail box for the above number is full as of 12:36 on May 9.  So hopefully people are calling to voice their concerns regarding Wanek’s unlawful arrest.

48 Responses to “Wahpeton Police Officer Dustin Hill Unlawfully Arrests Underage Videographer”

  1. 1 Ryan May 11, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    I got the full mailbox as well on May 10th. I then called the Mayor’s office and spoke with a secretary. She confirmed that they were being inundated with calls and asked that I just keep trying back. After trying once on the hour for four more hours I called the Mayor’s office again, voicing my concern that I, a concerned citizen, was unable to get through to the police department. At this time she gave me the Mayor’s home number. Assuming it was at least a cell phone, I called and a woman answered (the mayor’s name is Jim) which put me off a bit so I apologized for bothering them at home, but left a message for Jim to call me back. Within the hour he did. We had a very congenial conversation. He explained that he had seen the video, Officer Hill was out of town on a canine training course, that an investigation was underway and something quick about having heard of Robert Wanek. I did not pry any further than that. I expressed my concern that this was in no way an officer performing a service, that I was glad it was being looked into and that I would stay tuned to see what the outcome was. He encouraged my action as a concerned citizen, we thanked each other and that was that.

    I believe that we all have jobs that can be stressful, frustrate us and cause us to act irrationally once in a while, but when you are given authority to uphold the principles of liberty, peace and the inherent rights of individuals such poor decision making should only be met with removal of such authority. I see it no other way and it is only a testament to how far away U.S. law making and enforcement procedures have strayed from such principles that I believe Officer Hill will be given plenty more opportunity in the future to make more poor decisions. Let’s hope that our actions, we the people with truth on our side, make this not be the case.

  2. 2 james June 5, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    i just called that number and the dispacher didnt know anything about the law or anything about the case…. i specifically questioned weather or not it was legal to video tape in public and he repeated that he doesnt know anything about the law and I should call back tomorrow and speak with the chief of police … i dont really want to do that but it was fun tormenting a dispacher for a few minutes. anyway to get my kicks.

  3. 3 Sam Lock December 22, 2011 at 5:44 am

    Any updated news for us? Have they canned that gangster like cop? He obviously is a liability to your community in many ways, why would they keep him if he keeps getting demoted.

  4. 4 Stacy Simonson March 23, 2012 at 7:22 am

    Well I found out Mr. Dustin Hill is head of the drug task force and recently got caught with parphanalia and was doing coke. He never even got punished, and he still harrasses people. It’s a no wonder that Wahpeton is known as the biggest drug town in North Dakota is because the cops do it too. Maybe the police station there is making drugs and selling. The Wahpeton Police department doesn’t even do it’s job so why does Wahpeton have one?

  5. 5 Paula March 24, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    i am a disabled citizen of wahpeton who has had to call the wahpeton pd for assistance. it is not just Dustin that lets his power go to his head it is all of them. their investigator is rude and lazy and uncaring. my first dealings with their laziness and unfairness was about 12 years ago and I reported a rape. wahpeton pd say that all rape cases are he said she said unless they have evidence otherwise. they took my report and his he denied being near me. DNA came back positive he changed his story to it was consensual.. the investigator changed his statement and then told me they would not prosecute becuz there was not enough evidence. more recently on one occasion my son did not come home I knew where he was and was told the place he was at the parents had been letting the kids drink and smoke pot I went there they would not answer the door so I called the police they came and said the lights were out and they were not going to bother the people and made derogatory statements about my parenting. another time I had to call because of domestic violence they did take him but only becuz he hung up on 911 8 times. the next day a very young male officer came to take more info and he wanted to know what I did to cause the situation .. once again the victem was blamed. another instance I called because my then fiancé picked my 16 yo up by the neck and was strangling him. they did not arrest him they treated him like he was the victem and Dustin hill started trying to do the little drug test telling my son to follow his finger with his eyes his excuse was ” I know whose house you were at earlier”(keep in mind this house he feels is so bad to be at was the same home I asked him to remove my son from that night and they refused) anyway so an ex navy man strangles a 16 yo boy and they do nothing but harrass the 16 yo and me saying they could take US to jail. three months ago I reported a rape in my home it was a person I knew and the investigator did not bother speaking to the guy for over two weeks and they were told that night he was. very drunk and he drove they once again have refused to press charges and have denied me the process two times in my life of having my case heard by a jury. when I got upset at the investigator because I even had a taped recording of this guys son telling me his dad used to rape his mom all the time when he was drunk and because they refused to take evidence from him yet I had to be humiliated in the hospital for six hours. not once during their so called investigations did they once make a curtosy call to me to tell me how things were progressing. the incedence I said before of the domestic abuse I had a restraining order he did get picked up twice but the third time he violated it the cops would not pick him up or report it to the judge because three times makes it a felony with a mandatory three year sentance and the male officer told me he was not going to make him do three years “just” for that. latest thing that has happened is one of my daughters friends came into my home and stole my two month bottle of my morphine. he admitted it to me and my daughter but refused to return it. I called the cops gave them his. amd address phone number and place of work . three days later I called to see what is going on with it and the investigator said he texted him and he texted back who is this and that is all.. he says these things take time and they have to do their investigation.. do they think he is going to just leave that bottle sit there for a month while they decide the best tactic how to knock on his door? the night I called it in over the police scanner the one officer told the female one who said she would take the call that to not worry too much about it cuz he was sure I just took all of them and wanted to get a new script. I called the dispatcher and demanded to speak to someone and he put me thru to that cop and be told me he said it. us that is what he believed and he can tell his officers anything he wants I told him no it was not right becuz if he tells them it’s not true they are not going to do anything about it I demanded he give me his name so I could talk to the chief in the morning and he refused. I did call the chief and told him all of this the only thing that upset him was his refusal to give his name but he also asked me if I was sure and told me he can listen to the recording and know if I am lying about asking for his name.. once again always blaming the victem. I have never given them reason to think I would be an abuser of my drugs and I have a pain contract with my dr. but yet Dustin hill can get caught doing hard illegal drugs yet still be the head of the canine drug team. I thought the motto of police was to protect and serve… not belittle and ignore. I am disgusted with the whole judicial system in this town it is rediculous you only get help depending on who you are and who you know. instead of helping you when you call for help they make you feel like you are at fault. when I reported my pulls stolen I was told that it was my fault becuz I should have put them in a safer place . they were in my purse in my home a person should be able to have a reassurance that things in their home are safe. this town allows rapists and drug dealers and spouse a users to walk the street. my boys gfs dad beat her mom up so bad the other night that the cops put them in a hotel for the night but they did not put out a warrant to find him and arrest him. I believe the domestic violence law requires them to be arrested. I do not feel safe in this town because the police have proved time and time again they just do not care. the night shift spends thei whole night sitting at stop n go reading and eating and visiting.. I know this because I lived right by there and there was always at least two cop cars there. there is so much more I could say but I will leave it at this.. they have spent all of three seconds texting a drug thief that is about to put 180 pills of morphine out on our streets but last night they had a whole crew of cops for hours all evening looking for a reported coyote…REDICULOUS

  6. 6 yvonne alaniz March 28, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    I am also trying to get an attorney to Sue the wahpeton police for harrasing me,discriminating me and my husband, and violating our civil rights if anyone noes an attorney please feel free to give me a call to 956-402-9545 please Im in desperate need of an attorney!

  7. 7 Arnold jenson May 11, 2012 at 7:10 am

    I support officer Hill. The kid’s only reason to video in that particular scenario was to try to provoke a reaction. Officer hill was set up. As a former officer, I understand the pressures of the job and the last thing you need is some immature kid videoing for no othe reason than to provoke a confrontation. The only thing the officer forgot to do is say “0ops, sorry your camera broke when you dropped it,”

    • 8 discarted May 11, 2012 at 8:18 am

      Bad cops like yourself are a significant threat to the public, and should have their badges ripped from their chests and then thrown in a jail cell with the general population. You’re an embarrassment and should be ashamed of what you advocate.

    • 9 TJA August 17, 2012 at 7:07 pm

      ever hear of freedom of the press? If Hill got hot and bothered over a 14 year old he needs to find another job.

    • 10 johnny February 6, 2013 at 11:17 am

      Wow you’re such a scumbag . I cant believe you openly condoned violating the Bill of Rights including the 4th amendment. Have you not read the 4th amendment. You just condoned an unlawful seizure and destruction of a law abiding citizens property. Police like you are a danger to our society and should be in prison not on the streets. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • 11 SlackerSlayer Lock November 20, 2013 at 2:11 pm

        So many “Law n Order” types really do have that deep genetic hatred for our freedoms, don’t they. Where have I heard that before…. oh yeah, from one of those haters false flags that killed so many fellow citizens. They feel that our Constitution gets in the way of them doing their job, which is to uphold and defend that very thing. Crazy isn’t it? The “war on drugs” is an operation run by law enforcers, and they (in most jurisdictions) are the ones that distribute the stuff they claim to be fighting every day. We need to end their base excuse for violating everyone’s rights to travel, be secure in their homes,,, I can keep adding onto this list, so I’ll stop. It is the policy that is weening of ‘pigs’ to make all of those unconstitutional violations. The incentive to reap rewards from busting “drug smugglers” etc., is another part of the over all problem that goes to pigs heads.

        I am shocked that more are not fired for the townships liability alone,,, until I look into my own cities track record when it comes to punishing the law violators in uniforms,,, they back them up 100% and it is the Citizen that is deemed in the wrong nearly every time,,, to protect that tax base they play with and would lose if a trail went all the way to it’s conclusion.

    • 12 Matthew Carothers July 22, 2013 at 3:48 am

      The kid did NOTHING to provoke this officer. The kid REPLIED to the officer after the officer spoke to him! The kid was NOT FIVE FEET away like the officer’s arrest report said. (isnt filing a FALSE arrest report a felony?) The Officer acted stupidly PERIOD!!!!!


      For you to blindly defend this officer’s actions and put all the blame on this kid is exactly the reason some people do not trust police officers. If you can’t be HONEST then you don’t deserve to wear that uniform, as it demeans the honorable service of the VAST majority of men and women who put their lives on the line to serve their communities! (I’m speaking about officer Hill who DELIBERATELY LIED in his reports about the incident.)

      This officer was in the wrong period. Claiming that he did nothing wrong and that it is all this kids fault makes you appear to have no honesty or integrity yourself. I am going to assume that you are honest and a good person. I will always give anyone who wears that uniform the benefit of the doubt. This officer should have simply admited that he overreacted. Instead he lied and filed a FALSE report.

    • 13 timothy Holt (@timholt1977) May 20, 2014 at 5:05 pm

      Glad that you are a former officer dickhead. The man broke NO laws and yet you champion this pile of shit. That makes two worthless piles of scum..you and him. Fuck off and die you puke!

  8. 14 DrMeatwad Phd August 18, 2012 at 2:41 am

    Arnold, you are the problem with people in general, forget about the fact you were a piggy. How is video recording a cop, “provoking” that cop? Is your evil spirit soul being eaten up into the camera?

    (this should be good)

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