Fan Photographer Axed For Being An Ex-Con

Philadelphia sports fan photographer John Green was fired just before the start of baseball season after his criminal past was discovered through a background check. This is crappy for a few reasons, as reports.

Green was upfront about his past during the job interview and his crimes didn’t include sex or children — they were for non-violent burglary offenses, with the last conviction being in 1999. That’s 12 years ago, and since 2007, Green has proven himself to be a popular and successful photographer at Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies play.

Even though he started with Fan Foto in 2007 as a novice, the very next year Green led the company in sales – meaning fans buying photos he shot – and has been in the top five of the 100-plus photographers used by the company, says manager Coyle.

Isn’t prison supposed to be for rehabilitation? Once you’ve paid your debt, aren’t you released into the world to do something with your life? A blanket rule like not employing convicts is harsh. People would prefer that ex-cons are forever unemployed so that their only option is crime? It just seems foolish.


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