NYPD Ticket Cyclist, Arrest Bystander for Joking

Breaking: joking around or near the NYPD now illegal.

In this scene, a cyclist gets ticketed for riding his bike on a Brooklyn sidewalk. A few neighbors rib the cyclist, the situation escalates, and one neighbor gets arrested for harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

An officer in the van took issue with this particular bystander, telling him to “mind your own business.” “I wasn’t even talking to you!” the boisterous witness responded. And with that, the officers hopped out of the van and approached, demanding, “give me some I.D.!” “Get your hands out of my face,” the bystander responded. “I’m gonna issue you a summons right now,” the officer continued. “A summons for what?” the bystander demanded to know. A call for backup is made, and the witness recording the scene remarks “the NYPD is crazy.”

What would we do if they didn’t get these criminals off the street?

For the whole ridiculous story, go to NYC The Blog.

1 Response to “NYPD Ticket Cyclist, Arrest Bystander for Joking”

  1. 1 Jimmy Peterson Ret. NYPD Sergeant May 19, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    First of all they could have warned and admonished the cyclist…they did not have to issue him a summons…with that said if you understand that summones are revenue for the city as well as cops getting their monthly allotment(I won’t say quota..even though that’s what it is).Secondly I was shocked and embarassed to see that the African American officer who exited the van and escalated the incident was a Sergeant.He should have a thicker skin than to let this guy suck him into a confrontation.And why is he calling for backup?The cyclist was being cool and he had two officers with him.This was an obvious waste of taxpayer time and money.You create all this drama and waste of man power for what?Because this guy “hooked the Sergeant’s Child”… then you see the arrogance and the ego come out and “flex” on this poor bastard.People are being murdered,raped,and robbed in this city.With that said,it it is illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk if you are over 12yrs old…and clearly you should not F..k with the police when they are performing their duties.In my opinion the police should have used better judgement(especially a supervisor).This is one example of why the public dislikes and does not trust the police.

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