Photography Link Roundup

Photo: Larry Luckham

•  Larry Luckham catalogs photos from all the periods in his life on his personal web site, and he’s got a great set from his time at Bell Labs in the late 60s. Two words: mutton chops. [ via Lost at E Minor]

•  NPR and Pictory magazine are collaborating to find “local legends” across the country. Submit a photo of your own on Pictory’s site here. [NPR]

•  Someone stole Jason Lee’s Polaroid of Dennis Hopper at the This Los Angeles show last weekend and they desperately want it back. C’mon scumbag, do the right thing. [Pix Feed LA]

•  Longtime photojournalist Jim Pickerell writes an open letter to a student on pursuing photography as a career, and it’s kind of bleak but also kind of helpful. [Black Star Rising]

•  Joao Silva, the New York Times photographer who lost his legs in a mine blast in Afghanistan last October, walks. [Lens]

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