Man Takes Photo of Kid, Gets Visit From Police

The most ridiculous stories involving photography and children always seem to come out of the UK. ePHOTOzine reports that a 69-year-old man took a photo of a child who was vandalizing trees and got a visit from the police as a result.

Geoffrey Massey, of Somersham in East England, recalls:

When the child realised I was taking his picture he turned round and told me that I can’t do that and that he would tell someone what I did. Well later that day the lady that child-minds him came round and told me she would report me as I’m not allowed to take pictures of children without consent from their parents.

The officer was talking to me and said I don’t care if you’re a professional photographer or not you can’t take a picture of a child without written consent of the parent.

Never mind that it was the children who were committing an illegal activity in the first place; it’s those precious parents who emphasize their childrens’ personal happiness and individual rights over their moral and societal obligations.

Massey says the incident has put him off taking pictures, but we think that’s a little extreme. C’mon, Geoff, you can’t let one snot-nosed kid ruin it all for you.

Article via ePHOTOzine

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