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It’s just shy of a mile between Highland Ave and Vine St, and gathered in between there every October 31 is something resembling an uncontrolled, kinetic, ant-like stream of masked bodies. Individually, people seem motivated by superficial mindless thought, leading to all kinds of nonsense. Yet collectively, this mashed up organism of zombies, Walter Whites, and slutty princesses is so focused on its mission to simply reach the other end of the boulevard. Once there, the bodies turn and the process repeats itself. All night long.

If you hustle, it will take you about a half an hour to walk from end to end. Sometimes the camera never leaves your side; other times, you burn through a roll before you’re off the first block.

The last shot clicked at about 3 am.

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Shawn Nee's photograph.

Arrested for Photographing LAPD

On June 2, 2013, while standing on a public sidewalk and approximately 90 ft. away, Shawn Nee was arrested for photographing officers from the Los Angeles Police Department.  The officers claimed he interfered with their police investigation.  Shawn was transported to the Hollywood police station, handcuffed to a bench, and escorted into an interrogation room where he was questioned by a detective.  The arrest lasted approximately  1 1/2 to 2 hours.  Shawn was eventually released without charge.

National Photographer’s Rights Day is Today

NPRD PhotographersNational Photographers’ Rights Day – June 1, 2008

Today is National Photographer’s Rights Day, so we hope you’re out exercising your First Amendment rights to take pictures in public like we were doing this afternoon.

As you all know, it’s completely legal to take photos in public space.  Some people are catching on; some people aren’t. These things do take time, but  we do believe we have had far more successes than setbacks since the creation of the National Photographers’ Rights Organization in 2008.

In the past we’ve held a gathering on this day to bring photographers of all kinds together to take pictures, share stories, educate anybody who is willing to listen, and to demonstrate that there’s nothing wrong with taking photos in public.

However, we’ve been busy over the past year or so with general life stuff, not to mention an ACLU lawsuit against the LA County Sheriff’s Department.  So we have not been as active as we’d liked to have been. We’re still around though, and we do have some future photography events and trips in the works; there’s also plans to have a seminar and a photography walk with ACLU staff.  So stay tuned.

And in case you forgot, here are your rights.

Charlie Beck as a Regular Cop



No Nukes: America’s Dissipating Anti-War Movement


This essay was shot back in 2011, but for some reason it was never published here or anywhere else.  Nowadays, there’s not even a whisper from LA’s anti-war movement.

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Halloween 2012

If I was capable of writing something profound and witty to introduce the following collection of Halloween photos I certainly would.  But I can’t.  So I will  just share with you some images from one of the wildest nights that Hollywood has to offer each year (See last year’s essay here.).

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them because one of the occupational hazards of doing street photography kicked in that night, and I was jumped by three dudes for documenting their assault on another man.  I held my own, got my phone back and captured their faces and license plate in order to make them YouTube stars.

Enjoy the collection…

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Girls, cops, and dead presidents

If you ask any Hollywood resident living in the vicinity of Hollywood Blvd, I would guess that most of them would say that Halloween night is one of the wildest nights of the year. That only the brave and stupid would venture out after 6 pm—especially in a car.

Well, for the past ten years I was not brave, but stupid, and for reasons I don’t even know why, Halloween Night is something I intentionally avoided every time it came around. However, this year was different, so for first time ever, I finally walked into the heart of darkness armed with an old Konica point and shoot, and it did not disappoint.

From the girls to the zombies to the thugs and the cops, the night was filled with an addictive energy that I’ll just have to wait another year to experience.

Now if I only had a Delorean and an ’80s puffy vest, so I could travel back in time and capture the previous ten Halloweens I missed.

More photos after the jump.

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